Valve sealing surface material What are the requirements


The sealing face surface of the valve is the most critical sealing surface quality is related to quality of life of the valve, the sealing surface material is generally considered to be resistant to corrosion, abrasion, erosion resistance, anti-oxidation and other factors. 

Usually divided into two categories: 

  (A) soft materials 
1, rubber (including NBR, Viton, etc.) 
2, a plastic (Teflon, nylon, etc.) 

  (B) the hard seal material 
A copper alloy (for low pressure valves) 
2, chrome stainless steel (for general high pressure valves) 
3, Stellite (for high temperature and high pressure valves and highly corrosive valves) 
4, nickel-based alloys (for corrosive media)

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