Metal seal promotion push metal seal butterfly valve in cryogenic equipment


      With the rapid development of industrial technology, the valve industry made more stringent requirements , especially for butterfly valves used in cryogenic medium , in addition to having to meet the general performance of the valve , it is more important that the valve seal at low temperatures the reliability, flexibility and low temperature operation of the valve some other special requirements.

      Butterfly has a compact structure , small size, light weight the same pressure , compared with the same diameter of the valve can reduce 40% to 50% , fluid resistance , open and close rapidly series of advantages. But some of our days of burning liquefied cryogenic devices such as equipment, air separation equipment, and pressure swing adsorption equipment used in the chemical industry for more than 80% of the valve shut-off valves or valve, using the number of small butterfly .
      Analysis of the main reason is that over the metal sealing butterfly valve at low temperature sealing performance in poor condition , and some other unreasonable due to structural causes of the safety and proper operation within the medium leakage and leakage , severe impact of these cryogenic equipment can not meet the low-temperature equipment requirements .

      " 2013-2017 China metal seals manufacturing industry needs and upgrade sales analysis report " shows that since the 21st century , China's manufacturing industry metal seals , development and stability , industrial output showed a steady upward trend in GDP in the proportion also continued to rise. In 2004, China metal seals manufacturing industry total industrial output value 9.221 billion yuan , accounting for 0.06% of GNP ; 2010 our metal seals manufacturing industry total industrial output value of 63.123 billion yuan , the contribution to GDP ratio 0.16% . 2010 industrial output was nearly seven times in 2004 , the contribution to GDP ratio more than doubled .

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